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MANSI Media is poised to help you harness the power of both print and digital advertising. We can also go one step further and provide you with complete digital advertising placement services.

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MANSI Media works with all print products in the United States. Whether your ad campaign is local or national, We’ll provide top-notch research, implementation, and fulfillment, all saving you time and money. We will help you to select the most valuable placement opportunities to meet your goals; options include:

Run of Paper advertising can be placed anywhere in a newspaper, with the exception of the classified section. This is a cost-effective method to get your message to consumers. Your ads will run alongside trusted editorial content.

ROP is a common phrase used in newspaper advertising sales, and it is a good choice for reducing the cost of your local advertising. Simply put, ROP advertising is the display ads that you see throughout a print newspaper.

Ad placement within the paper is an important consideration, and you can often request that your ROP ad appears in a particular section based on your target audience.

2×2 Network

The Display Advertising Program allows you to place your 2-column x 2” ad (business card size) or 2-column by 4” ad in as many as 120 participating newspapers across Pennsylvania, reaching up to 2.5 million Pennsylvanians each week.


MANSI Media can quickly and easily place your line ad in classified sections all across Pennsylvania. Through our PennSCAN network, we can help you reach thousands of readers from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia and anywhere in between.

Newspaper inserts can be targeted and customized to meet the needs of your client and MANSI Media can streamline the process for you. We use our proprietary zip code analysis tool to determine what papers will deliver the best results for your target audience and how many inserts you’ll need to cover each zip code.  

Whether you’re focusing on specific geographic areas or desire a large reach with full-run distribution, our analysis tool will identify the print media products that maximize your investment and achieve your advertising goals.

Once we determine your newspaper list and coverage areas, we’ll negotiate competitive rates and can even coordinate the printing and distribution on your behalf.

Front page solutions offer unparalleled visibility, superior positioning, and unique creativity. These alternatives provide a strong impact and will push a brand’s message through the clutter for a powerful impression.


A separately printed, unbound broadsheet that is folded around a newspaper, or around one of its sections, appearing as a partial page or flap over the front and back.

Sticky Notes

A sticky note is a small ad, printed on a separate piece of paper, that is affixed to a newspaper’s front page, above the fold. Also known as a “front page Post-it”.

Sticky notes provide a colorful pop on the front page of a newspaper. Appearing above the fold, these units offer the advantage of targeting (often available by zip code or zone) and the ability to be removed and re-affixed to another surface (desk, fridge, etc.) to keep the message top of mind.

Front Page Strips

Front page strip ads build top-of-mind awareness while providing superior positioning. There are many advantages to running a front page strip ad. They are quick and easy to design, there is wide availability, and can be targeted by sections (Front page, business, sports, entertainment, etc).

Island Ads

An advertising position in newspapers, magazines or websites that is completely surrounded by main contents of that platform with no advertisement near that position to compete for audience attention.


When a native ad appears on the main page of a publisher site or is republished in other media, it commonly consists of a headline, often combined with a thumbnail image and a short description, which, if clicked or tapped, leads to additional advertising content.

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