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Effectively Reaching Voters in 2020

The 2020 elections are sure to be like nothing in history. Due to the impact of the coronavirus, in districts across the country, candidates have had to suspend plans for traditional large rallies, meet and greets, door-to-door canvassing and other standard campaign marketing tactics intended to influence voters in races up and down the ballot. […]


Who Reads a Newspaper in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York and Philadelphia

Who reads a newspaper?

Every day, across the United States, millions of people pick up a printed newspaper or visit their local news media website to stay informed. But who are these readers?  While media buyers know that newspapers tend to be community thought leaders who are employed, own a home and have an above-average income, other aspects of […]


Newspapers are united with the communities they serve, especially during this difficult time.

Newspapers across the nation are providing a vital service to the communities they cover. With regular updates on the coronavirus pandemic, these publications, both in print and online, are informing and educating their readers with local information they cannot find anywhere else. The delivery of this essential service has resulted in an increased audience for […]


The Importance of Maintaining Advertising Consistency

Numerous studies demonstrate the advantages of maintaining or even increasing ad budgets during times of uncertainty. Advertisers that maintained or grew their ad spending benefited from increased sales and market share during both the challenging times and afterward. There are several reasons to maintain an advertising schedule: Your ad is more likely to be noticed […]


The questions to ask before your next newspaper advertising campaign

Newspaper advertising has never been the most accessible medium to purchase.  From category specific rates to codified language to a wide variety of options in high-population markets, a media buyer has a steep climb before they reach the purchase plateau.  While these problems may seem daunting, being prepared to share some specific details and asking […]


Congratulations, Louella!

Louella Reynolds, MANSI Media’s manager of the PA Statewide Classified Advertising and 2 x 2 Networks, retired this week after 14 years of loyal service. Louella worked closely with clients from across the Commonwealth and representatives of other state advertising networks to help advertisers get their message in front of 2.1 million readers in over […]


Effectively Reach Company Decision-Makers Through Newspapers

Newspapers Reach Company Decision-Makers

One of the many choices business managers must make is where to invest their advertising dollars. With so many media options available, it’s crucial to select the outlet that best reaches decision-makers. Recent research demonstrates that those responsible for making company purchasing decisions are avid newspaper readers who respond to the ads they see. Nearly […]


Happy Holidays to You and Your Furry Friends

Meet the MANSI Media Team and Help Us Celebrate the Holidays! ‘Tis the season for celebration and nothing brings us more joy than our four-footed friends. This season, we have chosen to support the Furry Friends Network, and we want you to include you! Visit our LinkedIn page, leave a comment or leave a photo of […]


Market Mavens

Newspapers Effectively Reach Market Mavens

Research has found that women ages 25-54, deemed as “Market Mavens,” are today’s emerging newspaper readers. These women read print or digital newspapers most days of the week and are responsible for making the majority of purchasing decisions for their household. Who are Market Mavens? Women 25-54 who have children Homeowners who live in the […]


Beware Imposter Websites

Imposter Websites Are Among Us

The danger that fake, spoofed, and scam websites present is an increasing concern for both consumers and advertisers. With over 1.5 billion websites in existence,* digital advertisers have a vast playground in which to research, connect with, and activate consumers; but that volume brings with it another danger. On the rise in the United States […]


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