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Digital newspaper advertising continues to be a growing, dynamic medium allowing for solid targeting, excellent value, and significant ROI. According to a recent Pew Research Center study, 86% of Americans report that they get news from a smartphone, computer, or tablet “often” or “sometimes.” Of this group, 68% report they are most likely to get their news from a newspaper website or app. MANSI Media can help you efficiently and effectively reach this prime digital audience with your advertising campaign.

MANSI Media provides a comprehensive and strategic approach to reach your target audience through a multitude of digital tools.  We combine our industry expertise with the most accurate analysis tools and effective negotiations to deliver execution that is guaranteed to impact your ROI.

Whether it is placements on locally owned and operated newspapers sites, or programmatic options including display, video, audio, or email, these are MANSI Media’s sweet spot. Our team of media specialists works with you to determine the right digital media mix for your campaigns, ranging from small-town weeklies to nationally recognized news media sites, and everything in between.

We provide insights backed by independent third-party data and our own team’s experience. Because of our strong relationships with our newspaper partners, we are experts in the world of digital advertising – read more below about how we can simplify your life and streamline your campaign in order to maximize the results of digital advertising.

Our approach to these placements provide:

  • Better inventory
  • Better Control
  • Better Pricing

We approach each campaign with a unique perspective, building a custom proposal featuring a menu of digital options, with each tactic clearly and transparently explained. No matter the size, you will receive comprehensive proof of delivery and a singular invoice at the end of your campaign.

We fulfill your digital campaign with quality, targeted inventory, directly on local news media digital outlets.

MANSI Media’s buyers negotiate for guaranteed inventory with prime positioning to drive higher response rates. This means your brand’s message will be placed on quality, community properties, surrounded by trusted, local content. 

We can also help you with custom products like homepage takeovers, native sponsored content spots, and other unique high-impact options. 

With strong community coverage, local news sites provide fertile ground to grow a brand message while also building market share on a trusted and known digital outlet.


MANSI Media Digital Network Map of the United States


Streamline your digital buying experience even further by utilizing MANSI Media’s custom newspaper networks. Simply tell us your target geography, and we’ll take care of the rest. You can rest easy with our promise that your campaign is only delivering on premium news media properties.

This turnkey solution allows you to combine the ease of a singular line item with the wide array of newspaper sites that may have traffic in your area. From a single zip code to the entire nation, or anywhere in between, we will customize each campaign to fit your footprint, building a custom network of trusted sites where your campaign will be surrounded by authentic local content.


Simplify your digital buying experience by utilizing MANSI Media for one point of contact across all your digital advertising needs. No matter the size of the campaign you will receive proof of delivery and a singular invoice at the end of your campaign.

MANSI Media can help you secure digital placements in a wide range of online properties above and beyond newspaper. With our expertise, we can offer an entire suite of digital placements customized to meet your needs. READ MORE ABOUT OUR COMPLETE DIGITAL SERVICES.

Ready to maximize your ROI with Digital Newspaper Advertising? MANSI Media is prepared to help today.