A Simplified Process

At MANSI Media, we get it. This is the part no one really looks forward to. But we feel confident that with our simplified process, fulfillment will be much easier.

First, when it comes to billing, you only need to establish credit with MANSI Media, not with each paper across the country.

Next, no more individual invoices from each paper or website! You receive an itemized invoice listing the publication or website of each ad placement, the placement date, the rate, and the amount due – one invoice for the entire campaign.

After your campaign has completed, you’ll receive a single package from us containing your bill, proof of publication, and a summary of the most relevant stats about your campaign. Based on your preference, we can provide tearsheets or supporting affidavits.

Quantifiable evidence of your campaign’s performance provides a strategy for developing future marketing successes.

With our help, fulfillment is easy and saves time.