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Programmatic Job Advertising to Find the Right Candidates.

MANSI Media MaxRecruit provides intelligent job matching to the right candidates.

MANSI Media MaxRecruit:   AI Powered Programmatic Job Advertising   

When you have open positions to fill, it can be tough to know where to start. The sheer number of job search websites can be overwhelming. You don’t have the time, or the money to advertise on all of them, but if you choose just one or two, how do you know your job will be seen by the most qualified applicants? The answer is programmatic job advertising. 

What is Programmatic Job Advertising? ‍

Programmatic job advertising (or programmatic recruitment advertising) is the use of technology for buying, distributing, and optimizing job ads – and the associated budget – automatically. MANSI Media MaxRecruit distributes your job ad, and optimizes its placement, across 30+ top job sites.

‍Post Once, Worry Less

The solution to the online recruiting conundrum is MANSI Media MaxRecruit, an AI recruiting solution that connects employers with the right talent. MaxRecruit makes finding the ideal candidate much easier for recruitment managers and business owners.

Once your job post is set up on our platform, MANSI Media MaxRecruit sends it to top job sites for you. Your job will appear on top hiring sites, such as Indeed®, Glassdoor®, and more.

How Does MANSI Media MaxRecruit Work? ‍

MANSI Media MaxRecruit analyzes your job’s performance on each job site we post to throughout the duration of the job posting. It then adjusts your job’s placement on the site and its cost per click advertising according to the site’s performance.

Get more qualified candidates‍

We’re strong believers in quality over quantity. MANSI Media MaxRecruit helps you prioritize quality candidates.

Of course, you’re the ultimate judge of good candidate fit, but our ratings can help speed up the process. We are in the business of finding employers their best possible candidates without the headache of reviewing hundreds of resumes.

MANSI Media MaxRecruit Benefits:

  • Automated distribution to the most effective job sites available and relevant for your position.
  • Our ActiveMonitoring technology provides round-the-clock analysis and optimization of your placement to deliver the best candidates.

MANSI Media MaxRecruit Packages:

To further simplify the decision-making process, MANSI Media MaxRecruit has created three packages, GOLD, PLATINUM, and DIAMOND.  Depending on your budget and the position or positions you are trying fill, we can help you determine what package is right for you.  We can also customize a package for you with other digital products to more narrowly target candidates.

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