The Benefits of Digital Advertising

By Meg Michaelian, Digital Media Manager

The average American adult spends about five hours a day on his computer and another five hours daily on his smartphone, according to a recent VisionDirect study.

In 2021, consumers’ online spending increased by 14.2% according to the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Just consider these worldwide stats. Every minute of the day:

  • Instagram users share 65,000 photos
  • Google conducts 5.7 million searches
  • 6 million people shop online
  • 12 million people send an iMessage

It’s clear digital is a valuable platform for ad placements. Given the sheer amount of time consumers spend on digital devices, advertisers can effectively reach and target motivated shoppers.

According to the most recently released information from Nielsen Scarborough, more than 4 in 10 adults read a newspaper on a digital device each week.

There are many benefits for the advertiser who places digital ads on newspaper websites.

Brand-Safe Environment

A News Media Alliance study reports that 82% of news media consumers trust print ads. Due to the credibility of newspaper websites, you never have to worry that your ads are positioned next to questionable content that can be devastating to your brand.

Other online platforms, particularly social media, can be risky due to false, misleading and untrustworthy content. Newspapers, on the other hand, provide the integrity and reliability the readers want.

Audience Targeting

Reach desired consumers through geography, demographics and psychographics, or by those who have recently searched for your product or service online. You will make the most of every advertising dollar by focusing on those who seek what you sell.

Newspapers have the unique ability to connect with all age groups. According to Coda Ventures, millennials make up 30% of all newspaper readers and Gen Xers comprise 50% of all local newspaper readers. Newspaper advertising is important to 75% of baby boomers, according to Coda Ventures. Digital newspaper advertising is an essential avenue for accessing all these age groups.

Personalized Messaging

With digital advertising, you have unparalleled opportunities to deliver ad messaging that is highly relevant and engaging to your audience. (You can even have multiple audiences and multiple messages!)

Imagine the efficacy of your campaign if you are delivering ads that speak directly to different people’s needs and interests. For example, your product or service may benefit a mother of young children differently than a senior citizen – just like an ad for individuals in Portland, Oregon, may benefit from a different treatment than an ad for residents of Jackson, Mississippi. When your ads target and speak directly to your varied audiences, the impact is more effective.

Additionally, news media’s digital properties can deliver a variety of placement opportunities: standard banner ads, rich media, video, native sponsored content, homepage takeovers and other interactive options.

Measurable Results

We know analytics is king and drives decision-making. With digital newspaper advertising, you can directly connect your marketing spend to actual results such as increased traffic to your website, requests for information or product sales.

Fast Turnaround

It’s hard to beat newspapers when it comes to placing ads quickly. Print newspapers already provide one of the quickest to market advertising channels. With a digital newspaper buy, you can reach desirable local markets in fewer than 24 hours.

This speed offers another great opportunity for unique, targeted ads that support particular campaigns or sales. Do you want to connect with a city after its team wins the championship? Maybe a blizzard hit and people are snowed in – there’s no better time to connect with a captive audience! The ability to place a timely campaign is a reality with digital news placements.

Massive reach

A large portion of the population, nearly 70%, reads a print or digital newspaper each week, making it the perfect media for you to promote your products and services.

Interactive Content

The opportunity to connect and engage with your desired audience is unparalleled with digital placements. You can encourage online sign-ups, which will help you to compile a database of interested consumers. You can also build entries to an online contest through digital advertising. The options and opportunities for creativity are limitless.

Check out this article sharing 10 unique types of interactive ads. The creative options include a scratch card, survey ads, and a spin-and-win ad. The article also highlights unique placements (like parallax) and interesting visual opportunities (such as 360-degree photos).

Flexible messaging

Digital advertising provides the opportunity to experiment with different ad combinations and messaging options to determine the most successful approach.

In addition to ads that are unique to specific demographic groups and locations, digital advertising can be used in unique ways. For example, you can run a campaign that tells a story week to week. You can try survey ads and other interactive opportunities.

Budget friendly

Local ad reps can design a digital package to meet the needs of advertisers with budgets of all sizes. Discuss the myriad options of their platforms. As always, placement budgets must weigh frequency against ad size, location, and other factors. Such flexibility, however, can go a long way with smaller budgets.

MANSI Media has developed relationships with thousands of newspapers throughout the country. We can work with you to place a major national digital campaign, just as easily as placing a campaign that targets one small demographic or designated market area.

Contact our team to receive a local digital quote for your target markets.