Newspapers are united with the communities they serve, especially during this difficult time.

Newspapers across the nation are providing a vital service to the communities they cover. With regular updates on the coronavirus pandemic, these publications, both in print and online, are informing and educating their readers with local information they cannot find anywhere else. The delivery of this essential service has resulted in an increased audience for newspapers, as subscriptions and visits to digital their digital properties rise.

Four Newspaper Facts to Consider During the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Newspapers are seeing a surge in digital activity, with many papers experiencing a spike of over 40% in unique pageviews.*
  • The number of print newspaper readers is increasing, with locked-in Americans finding a need to stay up to date while also unplugging from their digital devices.
  • Newspapers remain the most trusted medium, with consumers trusting the content created by local journalists 30% more than the content they find on social media.**
  • The readers consuming newspaper content every day are the same people you want to reach.

Savvy advertisers are using the growing, trusted medium of newspapers to connect with their customers during this ongoing situation.

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