Why Job Seekers Rely on Social Media


There’s no doubt that social media has become a big part of most American’s lives. We use it to share personal news, post photos, notify friends and family, brag about vacations and celebrate milestones. According to Pew Research, 72% of the American public has at least one social media account, with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter ranking among the most popular platforms. Most users check social media at least once a day.

So, it shouldn’t be too surprising to learn that social media has also become a popular tool in job hunts. When employees are looking for their next employer, they often start online. Glassdoor reports that 79% of all job seekers say they are likely to use social media to find jobs. If a job seeker is in the first 10 years of their career, that percentage increases to 86%.

Social media has become an essential part of job searches for many employees. That’s why MANSI Media developed a suite of social media employment packages for our clients. We help advertisers reach job hunters where they are, when they are most receptive to employment messages, at a price point that makes sense for Pennsylvania employers.


The Social Aspect of Job Hunting

Social media is, first and foremost, social. People use it as another way to “talk” to friends, family, and co-workers online. Because they are influential components in so many people’s communication arsenals, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are great places for job seekers to network. Users can contact friends online to discuss job opportunities, find connections working at possible places of employment, reach out to connections to evaluate potential workplaces and even ask for introductions to HR.


The Role of Employment Ads on Social Media

Job seekers are either passive (interested but not doing anything about it yet) or active (intentionally and actively doing things to look for jobs). Social media ads can reach both types of people. When set up correctly, ads promoting job openings or opportunities will be sent to the people most likely to respond to them, even if they haven’t started a job hunt. Often, seeing an employment ad on social media makes it easier for a passive job seeker to click, learn more and transition into an active candidate.

Active job seekers also know that recruiters use social media to search for applicants, so they pay attention to the employment ads they see on social media. Because platforms use algorithms that send ads more often to interested users, any person who has reviewed just one job listing, whether on social media or an employment website, is more likely to see ads on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. In other words, social media qualifies your potential employees and sends ads only to the people it knows are most likely to view and interact with your ad.

That’s important because it also means that social media ads don’t get sent to people who do not view or engage with employment ads or job listing sites. In other words, social media employment ads are effective because they are shown only to people who are most likely to want to see them.


Job Seekers Can Self-Identify

Many social media platforms encourage users to self-identify as job seekers. This may happen by altering their profile or placing an “open to new opportunities” or “seeking new job” tag on their profile.

Such tags or badges tell connections that this user wants to learn more about a new position. But job seekers know that even small changes to their profiles will send a signal to social media platforms that they are open to receiving notifications or ads for relevant employment. This is another way social media matches job seekers with potential employers.


Job Seekers Use Social Media to Research Potential Employers

As an employer, you know you need to research applicants. But did you know that applicants are also studying you? Many job seekers use your company’s social media pages on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more to find out what you care about as an employer, the type of company culture you promote, how professionally you communicate with the world and to discover if any of their online connections work for your firm.

That’s why MANSI Media always recommends keeping your social media accounts active and up to date. Make sure every part of your online presence accurately reflects your business and your company culture.


MANSI Media Helps Employers Find Qualified Employees in Pennsylvania

Marketing through social media can be complicated, but we are here to help. MANSI Media can amplify your recruiting process using social media and digital job postings. We offer a range of recruiting ad packages, including MAXRecruit Gold, MAXRecruit Platinum and MAXRecruit Diamond packages. Contact MANSI Media today to learn how we can help you.