Utilizing Digital for Holiday Spending

By Morgan Edge
Manager, Digital Media

Holiday shopping starts earlier every year, so it makes sense that your digital campaigns should do the same. Start building awareness and planning for your holiday advertising campaigns now to get ahead of the game. Dive into data to identify key audience segments and align goals with key performance indicators. Explore emerging channels for your marketing mix, such as Digital out-of-home or social media and make optimizations based on reporting. Utilizing digital advertising for holiday spending is the perfect way to ensure efficiency.

There are multiple strategies advertisers can use for the holiday season:

  • Build and maintain an active social media presence. Social media helps businesses reach their target audiences while increasing traffic to their sites. It also enables customers to make quick and easy purchases.
  • Geofence certain locations to offer consumers Black Friday deals or other holiday promotions.
  • Embrace email marketing by engaging subscribers with emails that highlight promotions, sales, and seasonal products/services.
  • Use digital out-of-home to reach consumers headed to stores to do their holiday shopping.

Digital marketing should be an important part of holiday advertising planning. It will help to increase consumer engagement, holiday spending and website traffic. The holiday season can be chaotic for most businesses, but MANSI Media is here to help!

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