Newspaper Inserts: The Secret Weapon for Your Successful Holiday Marketing Blitz

By Chris Kazlauskas
Client Relations Consultant and Marketing Coordinator

It is Thanksgiving, and the comparisons are undeniable. Both the day’s main entrée, and the holiday edition of your local newspaper, are stuffed. After enjoying a festive meal, you are ready to “gobble-up” all the scrumptious inserts that are spilling out from a super-sized edition of your local newspaper.

Newspaper inserts, also known as flyers or circulars, are printed pieces that are enclosed within a newspaper. Including free-standing inserts as a part of your holiday advertising strategy makes good sense. Did you know:

  • 76% of newspaper insert readers responded to newspaper advertising in the past year.
  • 86% of newspaper readers believe newspaper inserts help get them the best deal.
  • 76% of newspaper circular readers use printed store circulars to compare prices among brands.

During the frenzied holiday shopping season when advertisers are looking to stand out from the competition, newspaper flyers offer a variety of benefits that other media do not. These include:

  1. Increased visibility. Inserts stand out within the newspaper due to their separate designs and formats.
  2. Tangible and engaging. Circulars provide a physical, tactile experience for readers. People can hold the flyers, flip through them, and engage with the content at their own pace.
  3. Content flexibililty. Flyers range from a single sheet to a multipage flyer with ample space for detailed information about products, services, promotions and events.
  4. Call to action. Inserts can effectively include clear calls to action such as discounts, special offers, coupon codes, event invitations and business reply cards.
  5. Brand awareness. Circulars allow advertisers to showcase their brand identities and personalities through designs, colors and messaging. Consistent exposure to a brand through inserts can help build recognition and familiarity.
  6. Complementary to digital marketing. Newspaper flyers complement digital advertising efforts as consumers often go online to learn more about a product after reading a print flyer.

Sometimes your eyes may be too big for your stomach, but when it comes to Thanksgiving and newspaper inserts, all eyes will be focused on the specials, deals and savings. This will entice holiday shoppers to make purchases that translate into early holiday gifts for your clients.

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