The Value of Print

In this increasingly digital age, it seems that people are starting to realize the benefits of printed media. According to the results of a June 2019 survey from communications non-profit, Two Sides, most Americans feel they are getting too much screen time, with 71% of respondents believing in the importance of “switching off” their digital devices and reading more in print.

With today’s society often immersed in the digital world, the power of print on paper is becoming more evident than ever. The Two Sides study shows that despite the increase in the use of digital devices, when it comes to reading books, magazines, and newspapers, print is still the medium of choice over digital.

  • 68% of Americans believe print is the most enjoyable way to read books
  • 65% of Americans prefer to read magazines in print
  • 53% of Americans prefer to read newspapers in print


Print over digital readership


The Value of Print Advertising

Savvy marketers should note that if consumers are seeing value in using the printed medium to consume information, they should have their messages in front of this valuable audience. Printed publications lend credibility to an advertiser’s message. Advertisers who place messages in known, reliable publications gain their own level of trustworthiness and brand recognition.
In addition, print holds readers’ attention, increasing the likelihood that the audience not only views your ad but is also able to focus on its message. When a customer reads printed material, they are typically more engaged for a longer period of time. Many newspapers and magazines have loyal readers, and this can help you to gain customers who are loyal to your brand as well.
Many marketers are realizing that sometimes the old can become new again. If you’re ready to place your marketing message in printed publications, reach out to MANSI Media today for assistance. MANSI team members will help you find the right publications to reach your target audience and will handle everything from rate planning and ad placement to invoicing and tearsheets. For more information about how MANSI Media can help you grow your business, call 717-703-3043 or email MANSI team members will be happy to assist you with your print advertising needs!

Read the entire Two Sides study, “New research reveals a love for paper and print – but environmental education is needed,” here.