OTT (Over-the-Top) Video Advertising – 5 W’s and an H


Anyone! If you have video content, we can run it on an OTT platform.


OTT (over-the-top) or Connected TV is the meeting ground for television and digital video. These terms encompass the delivery of content over the internet, without requiring users to subscribe to a traditional television package. Popular streaming services and devices such as Hulu, Amazon’s Firestick, and Roku TV are perhaps the most well-known, but this platform encompasses any content that would historically have been viewed via television but is now being delivered through the internet.


If the goal of your campaign is completed video views, this is the ideal place to be. Ads that promote branding or awareness will have the most success because these platforms are not skippable, so videos here yield a 95% or higher VCR (video completion rate).


Targeting capabilities on OTT platforms have expanded dramatically in recent years. While initially most were limited to DMA level targeting, we can now drill down to the zip code level while still layering on demographic and behavioral targets. Much like display ads, these campaigns can be set up to reach the right person in the right place at the right time.


Across the board, digital video has exploded in recent years. In terms of OTT, 75% of households now have 2 or more streaming services, and 40 million households will be cable-free by 2020.* With all of this growth comes more and more opportunities for clients to get in front of users. The insights gained about users are also extremely beneficial. We can track a user down to the specific app or channel they were watching when they were served the ad. We can tell you which days of the week or hours of the day drove the best results for your campaign. We can break down impressions by screen, player size or device. And we can use all this data to further improve and optimize your campaign to drive even better results.


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*”More Consumers Will Continue to Drop Pay TV Because of Price Hikes,” eMarketer