Newspaper Inserts
Sunday and Weekly Newspaper Flyers

Whether you call the pages of ads and coupons that appear in your daily, Sunday and weekly newspapers flyers, circulars or inserts, one thing is for sure – they get results! Everyone is pinching pennies these days, so advertising in a place where consumers are looking for value only makes sense.

Newspaper insert advertising delivers customers. Recent research studies found that newspaper inserts drive consumers, across all age and income groups, to act. Eighty-two percent of consumers keep inserts for more than two days, and 76 percent prefer to receive them in newspapers rather than through the mail or on the Internet.1

According to recent studies:

  • Nearly nine out of ten (86 percent) media consumers use newspaper inserts.2
  • 91% of newspaper readers report that they take action after reading or looking at inserts.1
  • 86% of newspaper readers believe newspaper inserts help them get the best deal1
  • 65% of consumers believe the best deals on products can be found in newspaper inserts.1

Newspaper inserts drive readers to take the following actions:

  • Clip and save coupons2 – 87%
  • Visit a store, dealer, or other location1 – 58%
  • Compare prices2 – 54%
  • Save insert until they need to purchase an advertised item or service2 – 54%
  • Take insert to the store with them2 – 52%
  • Make an unplanned purchase as the result of sales or promotion offers2 – 42%
  • Share inserts with family members or friends2 – 27%

Newspaper inserts can be targeted and customized to meet the needs of your client and MANSI Media can streamline the process for you!  MANSI Media uses our proprietary zip code analysis tool to determine what papers best cover the areas you’re trying to target and how many inserts you’ll need to cover each zip code.  Whether you’re looking to zero in on certain areas or want to hit as many people as possible with full run distribution, our analysis tool will identify the print media products that maximize your investment and help you achieve your advertising goals.

Once we determine your newspaper list and coverage areas, we’ll negotiate competitive rates and can even coordinate the printing and distribution on your behalf!  Once the inserts run, we’ll collect affidavits as proof of publication and provide you with one invoice for the entire campaign.

Give us a call today to learn more about the benefits of insert advertising and how MANSI Media can help.


Sources:   1Coda/Triad Newspaper Insert Study, 2Research and Analysis of Media (RAM) Inserts Study