Newspaper readers budget for a healthier 2024

By Chris Kazlauskas
Client Relations Consultant and Marketing Coordinator

Advertisers and agencies are in the midst of forecasting their ad spends for 2024. Planning budgets are as prevalent across the country as pumpkin spice. But it is not just advertising agencies combing over their forecasting spreadsheets for the new year – consumers are creating their own budget strategies.

Understanding your consumers’ personal forecasting is key to connecting the right advertisers with the right audience. This article looks at what’s trending with local newspaper readers as they prepare their personal budgets for 2024.

A study by AudienceSCAN® shows a healthy lifestyle is top-of-mind for many newspaper readers. This is reflected in their personal goals:

  • 48% plan to exercise more.
  • 40% plan to eat healthier or lose weight.
  • 38% plan to get better sleep.

So how does this healthy mindset translate for next year’s budgeting and purchases?

  • 44% are making purchases to feel healthier.
  • 37% are focused on purchasing items that help them relax more.
  • 32% will purchase vitamins and nutritional supplements.

It is clear newspaper readers are focused on improving their health in 2024.

Some traditional newspaper advertisers are two steps ahead when it comes to utilizing the power of print.

For example, health care providers understand the impact of newspapers. According to Healthcare Success, a full-service integrated marketing and advertising agency focused on health care, print advertising remains a cost-effective option because it is widely available and highly valuable for health care organizations and practices of all types, from general physicians to surgeons to dentists.

The data is also an encouragement for clients who may not typically appear in print to give it a try. They can range from larger, national chains such as:

  • Gyms.
  • Weight loss apps.
  • Mattress stores.

To clients on the local and regional scale, with large, loyal followings who are always eager to grow their brand and reach a new audience, including:

  • Yoga studios.
  • Apothecary stores.
  • Organic food markets.

This information offers a road map to connect your clients with an eager audience of consumers ready to improve their minds, bodies and souls for a new year. Don’t miss out by overlooking print in your 2024 advertising plans.