Health care advertisers can benefit from programmatic contextual advertising

By Morgan Edge-Fosmire
Digital Media Manager

Digital advertising spending for health care organizations is expected to reach $19.66 billion by the end of 2024.1

One of the most efficient and cost-effective options for health care advertisers is programmatic contextual targeting. This is a form of digital marketing in which ads are displayed to users based on the context of the website content they are viewing. Ads are matched based on keywords, topic selections, use of language, location targeting, and a visitor’s recent browsing history. This process ensures that advertising most relevant to the end user, in that particular environment, is served.

A key factor driving health care advertisers to contextual targeting is privacy.  Few, if any, industries attract more attention to privacy concerns than health care.  Digital advertisers must be cognizant of tracking a user’s history based on health searches.  Contextual becomes an effective way to target an individual without violating privacy laws. By targeting the page, not the user’s demographic profile, health care advertisers can safely serve their brands to an audience already engaged in subject matter that may be related to their own health history.  For example, the manufacturer of blood glucose monitors can have their ads served directly to users visiting a webpage about diabetes.

Another advantage to contextual targeting is brand safety.  Health care advertisers appear on relevant, professional websites that align with their messaging, such as:

  • Medical journals.
  • Physician networking platforms.
  • Medial education platforms.
  • Medical news sites.
  • Medical associations.

Ads are not served to sites with irrelevant or inappropriate content.  This, in turn, can also increase the likelihood of a more favorable user experience.

By utilizing contextual targeting, advertisers are more likely to reach consumers who need health care-specific products or services. With our experience in digital health care advertising, we can ensure you are reaching the perfect audience for your campaign. Contact MANSI Media today.


Source: 1U.S. healthcare & pharma industry digital ad spend 2024 | Statista