Newspapers Effectively Reach Market Mavens

Research has found that women ages 25-54, deemed as “Market Mavens,” are today’s emerging newspaper readers. These women read print or digital newspapers most days of the week and are responsible for making the majority of purchasing decisions for their household.

Who are Market Mavens?

  • Women 25-54 who have children
  • Homeowners who live in the suburbs
  • Household income over $150,000
  • Confident and capable money managers
  • Environmentally-conscious
  • Addicted to digital devices
  • Active on social media
  • Fashion leaders
  • Writers of positive product reviews

Market Mavens are an important target audience for most businesses since they make the majority of purchasing decisions for their household related to groceries, home items, healthcare, insurance, finance and home buying. They are also early adopters who try new products before their friends and tell everyone about them.

Compared to all consumers, Market Mavens are more likely to:

  • Prefer shopping at local retailers over national chains
  • Follow trends in health and fitness
  • Be an experienced traveler
  • Buy locally-grown food
  • Purchase environmentally-friendly products
  • Contribute to political candidates
  • Share content with their networks

Based on their age, Market Mavens are a part of two different generations – millennials and Gen X.

Millennials, or those between the ages of 23-38, are the largest population cohort the U.S. has ever seen – outnumbering baby boomers for the first time. Millennials account for 21 percent of all discretionary spending. Recent studies found that millennials are increasing their spending on rent/mortgage, leisure activities, travel, automotive expenses, clothing, dining, household goods and retirement investments.

Retailers who are looking to engage with this generation will be glad to know that millennials are highly engaged with newspapers. They rank newspapers as the most trusted source of news and information as well as their number one source for coupons. Millennials read newspapers to learn about products with which they are not familiar.

Millennials respond to newspaper ads and inserts. Seventy-three percent of millennials react after reading a newspaper ad. The top actions taken by millennials after viewing newspaper ads include:

  • Gather more information about the advertiser
  • Develop a more favorable opinion about the advertiser
  • Save the ad for future reference
  • Visit the advertiser’s website
  • Ask someone about the advertiser’s product or service
  • Recommend the advertiser’s product or service
  • Visit the advertiser’s social media pages
  • Share the advertiser’s ad
  • Search online for the advertiser’s product or service
  • Consider purchasing the advertiser’s product or service

In addition to reading the printed newspaper, two-thirds of millennials consume newspaper’s digital content exclusively on a digital device. Newspaper digital content reaches more millennials than any other age group accounting for 96 percent of females.

Gen Xers, or those between the ages of 39-54, account for one-quarter of the U.S. population, yet represent 31 percent of all consumer spending, and boast the highest rate of brand loyalty. They are dealing with the joys and challenges of middle age, including managing their career, raising children, caring for elderly parents and planning for retirement.

They are also avid newspaper readers, and actively respond to the ads they see. Seventy-five percent of Gen Xers read newspapers to learn about products with which they are not familiar, and rank newspapers as their most trusted source of news and information.

Advertisers can engage Gen Xers by including messaging that is related to:

  • Providing for their families – Pitching products and services as lasting values, or once-in-a-lifetime experiences or heirlooms to hand down, will resonate.
  • Playing it safe – Gen Xers want reassurance and security. Be sure to emphasize products and services that will protect their homes, the planet, their families and their money.
  • Taking care of themselves – Health and well-being is important to Gen Xers. Focus messaging on supplements, health foods, exercise equipment and apparel, weigh-loss products and fitness classes.

Savvy retailers and service providers can reach this desirable audience by advertising regularly in their local newspaper. Sixty-four percent of women made a local purchase in the past month as the result of seeing a newspaper ad and seventy percent of this group use coupons regularly.

The newspaper experts at MANSI Media can help you reach Market Mavens. Our team can place your local newspaper buy, in print or online, anywhere in the U.S., from the smallest niche publication to the largest national newspaper. Get the help you need for your next advertising campaign by emailing or calling 717-703-3043.