Effectively Reaching Voters in 2020

The 2020 elections are sure to be like nothing in history. Due to the impact of the coronavirus, in districts across the country, candidates have had to suspend plans for traditional large rallies, meet and greets, door-to-door canvassing and other standard campaign marketing tactics intended to influence voters in races up and down the ballot. Also, staffers who once filled campaign offices are now working from home.

These drastic changes raise the question: When Americans from coast to coast are practicing “social distancing,” how do the candidates, and representatives from action committees and special interest groups, campaign?

Since reaching voters efficiently and effectively is more critical than ever, decision makers are tasked with identifying alternative methods to connect with voters.

While online advertising has been a mainstay of political strategy for the past few election cycles, there is increasing concern about online election interference coupled with the dissemination of misinformation.

A report from MarketingSherpa found that newspapers continue to be the most trusted source of information. Eighty-two percent of news media consumers trust print ads in newspapers more than any other source. Similarly, a recent study from Gallup/Knight Foundation found that Americans have the highest trust in newspapers to provide accurate and politically balanced news.

Newspaper readers are engaged, vote and take action.

  • 91.2% of U.S. adults who read a print or digital newspaper in the past week vote in local and state elections.
  • Democrat, Republican and independent voters are more likely than the average person to read a newspaper six to seven days a week and take action as a result of a newspaper ad.
  • 60.5% of political campaign contributors have acted in the past year as a result of a newspaper ad.
  • Newspaper readers are 23% more likely than the average person to contribute money to a political campaign.

As candidates, political action committees and special interest groups develop media plans, newspapers are a strategic choice to deliver an engaged and politically active audience.  Newspaper advertising offers guaranteed day-of-placement advertising and has earned the readers’ vote of confidence as being the most trusted media.

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