Recruiters turn to artificial intelligence to find human help

By John Derr
Director of Sales, MANSI Media

Where’d everybody go?   It’s a question many employers in search of qualified job candidates are asking.  For hiring managers charged with recruiting good people to fill open positions at their companies there is no simple answer.  They do know, however, that unfilled roles impact everything from customer satisfaction to the bottom line.

MANSI Media can assist your search to match qualified people for the right job.   We have partnered with Recruitology, a company specializing in best-in-class programmatic recruitment advertising.  Together we can streamline recruitment ad placement and save companies time and money.

The average vacancy costs employers as much as $4,129 over 42 days, the time it typically takes to fill an open position, according to And that does not factor in the costs associated with advertising for the position, time wasted by human resources personnel sifting through resumes from dramatically unqualified candidates, etc. The longer it takes to find the right person for the job opening the faster those expenses add up.

It is understandable that the days of posting only on Indeed or ZipRecruiter are over.  Human resources professionals have turned to artificial intelligence to narrow the search, and identify great candidates quickly, whether that person is seeking a new position or not.

The talent recruitment landscape is experiencing rapid innovation in technology specifically designed to help employers connect with and quickly evaluate qualified candidates. Many of these new tools streamline the recruiting process through advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence.

One emerging technique is programmatic job advertising, which uses complex algorithms (referred to many vendors as “secret sauce,” to determine the optimal channels and times to post job listings. By studying past hiring performance data, the software can choose to advertise positions where specific types of candidates are most likely to be engaged. This improves quality applicant volume and decreases the surplus applicant population.

Social media is also leveraged by technology that scans platforms to find passive, qualified candidates. Recruiters can thereby gain access to a wider, more diverse talent pool and make their job opportunities known.

These advancements are increasingly common among recruiters as they struggle to quickly find the right candidates for their openings.

Some other technology in use are predictive analytics that rank candidates based on data-backed predictions of their likelihood to succeed in a given role, video interview platforms that evaluate candidates through recorded responses assessed by facial tracking AI, and conversational AI and chatbots that engage candidates through natural language conversations via text or voice.

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