Integrated Campaigns Drive Results

Campaigns incorporating multiple media types, but with the same theme drive higher results.

The impact of carrying a unified message through an entire advertising campaign was highlighted in a recent Kantar/Millward Brown report, “The Art of Integration.”

Valuable information can be found throughout the report, but highlighted below are a few of the points we found most useful.

Integrated campaigns are 31% more effective at building brands.

Users believe they are seeing more ads now than in the last three years and feel that advertising has become more intrusive over the same amount of time. Therefore, it is essential for marketers to find ways to cut through the noise. A powerful tool in this endeavor is the integration of an advertising campaign, connecting the elements across mediums (newspapers, radio, digital, etc.) and driving a single message.

When integrating a campaign, the following elements are the most helpful:

  • Logo
  • Message
  • Slogan
  • Visual Theme
  • Style

Within those elements, the consistent use of celebrities, hashtags, brand personalities, music, and website addresses will connect the campaign across its various outlets.

Integration drives response to key performance indicators (KPIs).

Campaigns with a strong central idea perform over 50% better in the delivery of KPI’s. From driving direct sales and building brand to driving downloads and beyond, campaign integration should not be neglected.

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