How To Get Vets to Apply for Your Openings

While many companies are willing to employ veterans, smart employers often express a preference for hiring military veterans whenever possible. The decision to seek out veterans extends beyond a sense of patriotic duty; it encompasses a strategic recognition of the myriad benefits they bring to businesses. Veterans often possess a diverse skillset acquired through their military service, including leadership, problem-solving and adaptability, making them valuable assets in various roles within organizations.

Despite the desire to increase veteran employment, many firms don’t know how to effectively attract veteran talent. Companies often struggle to identify the best channels to reach veterans. Without strategic initiatives aimed at effective promotion of employment opportunities, most organizations are disappointed with the number of vet applicants.

However, when companies understand how to implement initiatives to drive military veteran applications, they are able to harness the immense potential and talent that veterans bring while also fostering a more inclusive and successful business environment.

In this article, we’ll explore the advantages of hiring military veterans, delve into the job characteristics they prioritize, examine their job search habits, give tips to attract more vet applicants and introduce effective veteran recruitment solutions offered by MANSI Media.


The Business Benefits of Hiring Military Veterans

Hiring military veterans isn’t merely an act of goodwill; it’s a smart, strategic move that can significantly benefit businesses. U.S. military veterans offer a diverse set of skills and experiences that meet civilian needs, including leadership, teamwork, adaptability and problem-solving abilities.

All vets have completed rigorous training and met the high performance standards of the U.S. military. The skills learned during time in service also provide value to some types of employers. U.S. veterans often possess specialized abilities gained from their military roles that can be applied to logistics, transportation, IT, construction, hospitality, engineering, healthcare and leadership.

These capabilities are directly transferable to civilian jobs, reducing the need for extensive training and onboarding. Many veterans also exhibit exceptional self-discipline, organization and a respect for leadership. Savvy employers can leverage these kinds of talents and expertise to enhance their operational efficiency and productivity.


Job Characteristics That Appeal to Military Veterans

Research indicates that military veterans prioritize certain job characteristics more than their civilian counterparts. According to a study by The Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University, veterans place a high value on factors like job security, work-life balance, opportunities for advancement and a sense of purpose in their work. Employers looking to attract and retain veteran talent should emphasize these aspects in their job offerings and company culture.

Furthermore, veterans appreciate employers who recognize and appreciate their military experience. Companies can demonstrate this recognition by offering initiatives like veteran affinity groups, mentorship programs and support for military-related events and holidays.


How Military Veterans Search for Civilian Jobs

Understanding how military veterans search for jobs is the foundation of any effective recruitment strategy. Many veterans utilize specialized job boards and resources tailored to their needs, such as military transition assistance programs, veteran job fairs and online platforms like LinkedIn, which offers a free year of premium access to eligible members of the military community.  Additionally, veterans often rely on networking within their military and veteran communities to learn about job opportunities and connect with potential employers.

Employers seeking to engage with veteran talent should leverage these channels and actively participate in veteran-focused recruitment events and initiatives. By establishing a presence in these communities, companies can effectively reach and attract qualified veteran candidates.


Leveraging Veteran Recruitment Solutions from MANSI Media.

MANSI Media offers innovative solutions to help businesses tap into the talent pool of military veterans. Veteran recruitment products includes targeted advertising campaigns and digital marketing strategies designed to connect employers with thousands of job-seekers with a military background.

Additionally, MANSI Media offers customizable recruitment solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. Whether it’s developing targeted messaging, designing eye-catching creative assets or implementing strategic digital marketing campaigns, MANSI Media’s team of experts works closely with employers to deliver effective recruitment solutions that drive results.


Let’s Start Talking About Recruiting Military Veterans

To unlock the full potential of your workforce and gain a competitive edge in today’s market, consider hiring U.S. military veterans. By recognizing the value they bring to the table, prioritizing their unique job preferences and leveraging specialized recruitment solutions like those offered by MANSI Media, businesses can position themselves for success while making a positive impact on the lives of those who have served our country.

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Free year of LinkedIn access for military