Digital Display Advertising
Online Newspapers and Beyond

Ranging in size from small-town weekly newspaper websites to nationally-recognized news media sites and apps, MANSI delivers the right digital audience at the right time, utilizing longstanding partnerships.

Our team of media specialists works with each of our clients to determine the right digital media mix for their campaign. For each campaign, we provide insights backed by both independent third-party data and our own team’s experience.

With MANSI Media your campaign can include a multitude of interactive options.

  • Reach your audience through local news media websites around the world.
  • Layer in additional, targeted outreach through our customizable premium network.
  • Dive directly into your potential consumer’s inbox with targeted emails from trusted news publishers.
  • Enhance your content marketing strategy with native advertising written in the voice of the local media outlet.
  • Bring your digital message into the brick and mortar world by geo-fencing ideal locations for your campaign.

We approach each campaign with a unique perspective, building out a customized proposal as a layer cake of digital options. Each layer is fully detailed and explained so that what is being proposed or purchased is always clear and transparent.

Our clients are fully engaged at every step of the planning process and understand the campaign that is being delivered.

Local news media websites continue to expand and reach a growing online audience.

With their strong community coverage, these sites provide both a traditional desktop and mobile audience that provides fertile ground to grow a brand message, while also building market share on a trusted and known digital outlet.

For clients looking for additional coverage, MANSI can help. We have partnered with multiple ad networks and exchanges to enhance our clients’ local campaigns, providing highly targeted display advertising with a geographic focus. Depending on the desired customer, we can deploy any or all of the following targeting tools:

  • Demographic Targeting
  • Behavioral Targeting
  • Content/Contextual Targeting
  • Search Re-Targeting
  • Site-Site Re-Targeting

Simplify your digital buying experience by utilizing MANSI for one point of contact across all of your advertising needs.

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The digital and physical worlds collide with the use of geo-fencing.  Using the mobile devices that 77% of Americans carry in their pockets,* targeted banner advertising can be delivered based on the user’s precise location.
For example, help a retailer to target shoppers as they visit their competitor’s location(s).  With geo-fencing in place, your brand message will reach clients at the right time and with the right geographic context to provide the strongest impact.

*MobileFactSheet, February 5, 2018

When the MANSI team incorporates email marketing into a campaign, we are utilizing two different options.

eNewsletters –  Email is an excellent way for news media companies to deliver the news daily. Many news media companies provide daily updates to their readers through eNewsletters that contain both the top headlines and advertising opportunities.
eBlasts –  When users sign up to receive eNewsletters, they are given the option to also receive messages from trusted third party advertisers.  With this double opt-in process, news media sites can deliver your brand message to their readers through their personal email accounts.

Delivered through eNewsletters or eBlasts, email provides a great opportunity for your brand message to be delivered into the target audience’s inboxes, reaching those users both at their desktop and through their mobile devices.

The IAB describes native advertising as “paid brand placements that look and feel more like the surrounding content environment rather than a space that is separated out specifically for an ad.”  With native, we can take the classic advertorial example and move it into the online world.

When MANSI proposes native advertising, we are offering an opportunity to reach users through the news feed of trusted local news media companies.  With native advertising, we will position your client as an expert in the field with their message surrounding content valuable to the local reader.

Allow us to simplify the process of placement across numerous markets, with content written in the local flavor and positioned to reach the most readers.