Frequently Asked Questions
Who is MANSI Media?


What is MANSI Media?

MANSI Media is a newspaper and online advertising placement service. Formally known as Mid-Atlantic Newspaper Services, Inc., the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association created this affiliate in 1992 to help simplify the newspaper placement process for clients and advertising agencies. With one phone call or email, MANSI Media representatives can manage any local, regional or national print or digital advertising campaign. From providing research and planning advice to flawless placement and billing, MANSI Media makes buying newspaper and digital advertising a breeze.

What is the difference between MANSI Media and a rep firm?

With just one phone call or email from you, MANSI Media will place your ad campaigns in any newspaper or digital outlet. Our special partnerships across the country allow us to place campaigns at the most competitive rates available in the publication or digital property that will give our clients the best results possible. Rep firms, on the other hand, maintain relationships with a limited number of specific newspapers, therefore, restricting the scope of services they can provide.

Which newspapers work with MANSI Media?

You name it! From media giant The New York Times to your local weekly shopper and every publication in between, we have relationships with them all. Looking for an ethnic, alternative, college or business publication? We can help you with that!

How is MANSI Media able to place ads across the nation?

We maintain and manage an extensive network of relationships and partner associations nationwide. This network allows us to provide research, quotes and order placements across the country. Our relationships provide the same information and knowledge of a local newspaper outlet from any location, anywhere.

Will the best available rates be captured for our ad campaign?

Because of our extensive industry knowledge and relationships, we are able to provide the most competitive rates available for each media outlet. The process is easy and effective. Our staff of experienced media professionals can handle placements from traditional ROP ads to special products like targeted inserts, post-it notes or digital campaigns. We will always make sure that you get the best rate available for your ad.

Can MANSI provide research services for media outlets with or without placement of an ad campaign?

Yes. We’re happy to provide you with detailed information for any newspaper or digital outlet anywhere – saving considerable time and expense for our clients. We do request, however, that if our research leads to a placement decision, the order is placed through MANSI Media.

Do I have to establish credit at each paper across the nation?

No. You fill out one credit application with MANSI Media and you are set to advertise anywhere.

Will our current media reps still handle our business if we work with MANSI Media?

Yes. Established representatives at each newspaper will continue to place the order. Provide us a list of your current contacts and we will do the rest.

Will I receive invoices and tearsheets from each individual newspaper outlet?

No. You receive an itemized invoice listing the publication of each ad placement, the placement date, the rate and the amount due. MANSI Media will collect all tearsheets and traffic reports. Clients receive one package of tearsheets, a detailed report and one invoice to pay.