The Benefits of Combining Print & Digital Advertising

Peanut butter and jelly. Bacon and eggs. Milk and cookies. Batman and Robin.

Some things just go together. Each of the above pairings works because the partners well-complement one another. Together, Batman and Robin are a formidable pair. A peanut butter sandwich without jelly just sticks to the roof of your mouth.

Print and digital advertising are another duo that work best together.

In a recent report from Digital Donut, 95% of marketers indicated that a multichannel ad approach is important to them. An integrated marketing strategy relies on multiple channels or platforms to deliver your message. When you deploy advertising to a wider audience by utilizing different platforms, you build brand awareness and identity, which ultimately lead to sales conversions.

Here are the best advantages of running a print and digital campaign

Broader Audience Reach

According to a recent Nielsen Scarborough report, 129 million U.S. adults, or more than 6 out of 10, read newspaper media each week. Digging deeper into the numbers reveals that the baby boomer generation tends to prefer a printed newspaper, while digital options capture younger audiences. If the audience you are trying to reach varies in age, combining print and digital newspaper properties is an excellent strategy.

Increased Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a crucial first step in establishing new customers. People need to be able to recall and recognize your business before they consider purchasing your product, or even doing business with you. The cardinal rule dating to the 1930s is the “Seven Times Factor”: generally, customers need to see an ad seven times before they even notice the product.

By including both print and digital ads in your marketing campaign, you are broadening the ways you reach specific audiences with your messages and introduction to your brand, getting you to that magic seven, quicker. With digital assets, this can now happen in a single day.

Alignment with Trusted Media

Small missteps can be devastating to establishing trust and building brand awareness with your audience.

Whether print or digital, newspapers are the most trusted source of news and information among all age groups, according to Coda Ventures research and consulting firm.

When you choose a multichannel approach of print and digital newspaper ads, your messaging will resonate even more with consumers who are comfortable, trusting and familiar with the newspaper.

Amplified Calls to Action

Choose a multichannel newspaper approach and print ads can drive digital marketing efforts through calls to action. This can include driving traffic to a specific website or landing page, tapping social media usernames and hashtags, and because of the pandemic-fueled resurgence of touchless transactions and communication, using QR codes in unique ways.

Cost Efficiency

Integrated campaigns blend print and digital advertising methods to affordably reach the most people and convert prospects into customers.

This is the biggest benefit that can be maximized when working with MANSI Media. Because of our long-standing relationships with news outlets and strong negotiating abilities, we have the capacity to develop unique packages that achieve the reach and frequency that maximizes your budget.

Local Affiliation

If your campaign is targeting specific communities, cities or DMAs, only the news media industry can pair advertisers’ messages with local print and digital content to reach people in the targeted areas.

Speed and Flexibility

There is so much creativity that campaigns can put into play when they have speed and flexibility on their side. Special sales can coincide with the first snow day or local sports victories. With print and digital opportunities, these ads can be placed swiftly.

Newspapers provide one of the fastest to-market advertising channels. When combining digital and print ads, advertisers can reach a desirable local market in less than 24 hours.

If you are looking to implement a newspaper and digital ad buys, MANSI Media is here to help.