Print Advertising: Credible, Creative, Consumer-connected

By Nick Wenger
Account Executive – MANSI Media

In today’s crowded digital environment, it can be easy to overlook the benefits of print advertising in newspapers. However, there are reasons why campaigns not only do well but actually thrive in printed newspapers.

More than 129 million U.S. adults read a newspaper each week, according to a 2021 Nielsen Scarborough Report. This audience of more than 60% of Americans falls into favorable demographics, which we’ll dive into in an upcoming post – so be sure to stay tuned.

In the meantime, consider these stats:

Newspaper readers are a desirable demographic

The wide-ranging attributes of newspaper placement are significant.

Greater Flexibility

What if you have multiple messages, perhaps ones that read better going into the weekend or on a particular holiday? Maybe your ad is targeting sports fans before a big game. Print ads can be placed on various days of the week in different newspaper sections, and ad copy can be quickly and regularly updated and changed.

Stronger Connection

Newspapers offer highly creative ad design by using font, color, images, texture and other visual elements to make the ad memorable. Additionally, newspapers provide a variety of unique advertising vehicles such as front-page sticky notes, spadeas and positioning.

Added Credibility

Building trust in a brand is vital. According to a 2019 Wabii Branding article on the topic, “Lack of trust is a deal-breaker for consumers.” In fact, the report cites a study by Label Insight, which notes that “about 40% of users claim they will switch from their current brand to another brand if it offers them more transparency.” A report by Edelman, according to the Wabii article, “states that 81% of people from all geographies, ages, gender, and income levels consider trust to be a deciding factor when purchasing from a brand.”

Ad placement is vital to building brand trust and loyalty. Newspaper advertising continues to be the most trusted among consumers. In the Nielsen Scarborough report, 82% of Americans stated that they trust newspaper ads. Advertisements appearing in publications that don’t command respect will experience the same level of brand skepticism from consumers.

Better Engagement

Newspaper readers are less distracted and tend to consume the publication in a more leisurely manner. Therefore, they are more likely to spend time absorbing an ad that catches their eye. Significant reporting and research have been conducted on the amount of time readers spend with a physical publication versus a digital publication. In some studies, reader engagement in a digital platform drops by as much as 75%.

Drives Response

According to MNI Targeted Media, 80% of consumers seek more information about an ad that they find interesting. And that’s just one action consumers are inclined to take upon seeing an ad. According to a Triad report, newspaper ads drive strong consumer reactions.

Increases Sales

A report by the News Media Alliance found that nearly 80% of newspaper readers acted as a result of reading a newspaper ad in the past 30 days. That is serious motivation.

Fast Turnaround

Newspaper ads can be quickly designed, allowing advertisers to be in the market within days instead of months. This provides advertisers the opportunity to make swift, last-minute changes.

Brick-and-Mortar Appeal

Newspapers not only have a physical presence, but are also a tangible, trackable product utilized by consumers and audited for advertisers.