Reach Real Users Reading Real Content
Through MANSI Media's Local Digital Network

MANSI Media Digital Network Map of the United States

Reach the communities your brands serve through authentic digital media with a local connection. Interactive display banner ads served on premium news media properties delivers 3x the lift offered by non-premium digital outlets. With guaranteed placement, you will know the trusted sites where your brand appears.

The MANSI Media Approach

At MANSI Media, we promise to deliver the following with each of our digital advertising campaigns.

  • Transparent reporting.
  • Early access to inventory.
  • Custom geographic targeting.
  • Campaign optimization from both machine and human intelligence.
  • Guaranteed delivery on trusted local digital properties.
  • Options to run standard banners, high impact sizes, or video units.
  • Blanket the entire country, geo-target by state, or anywhere in between.

Our Local Digital Network is a program created to blend the best of both worlds, site direct & programmatic, with the simplicity of a one line-item network.

Why Newspaper Websites?

According to a June 2020 nationwide study from Pulse Research, newspaper websites are ranked as one of the top sources for local news and are more trusted than social media outlets.

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