Newspaper Ad Placement
Run of Paper and Insert Advertising

Whether your newspaper ad campaign is local or national in scope, effective planning is a crucial component of ensuring it goes off without a hitch. A newspaper marketing plan helps you set clear and measurable objectives while outlining the steps toward achieving them. Think of it as a road map to a successful campaign.

Ad agencies and in-house marketing pros may find their time is in such high demand that outlining a unique set of newspaper marketing strategies for each project may seem unnecessary. In fact, a well-thought-out newspaper marketing plan can help you focus your campaign before beginning creative work, saving you both time and money in the long run.

Admittedly, reading most newspaper rate cards isn’t exactly a walk in the park. There are newspaper ad rates for national business, local business and retail business, not to mention another set of newspaper ad prices for this category of business, along with other rates for that category of business. And don’t forget about frequency and bulk discount contracts. It can be enough to make your head spin.

Fortunately, the staff at MANSI Media lives and breathes this stuff. In fact, we can’t seem to get enough of it. We’ve yet to find newspaper advertising rates that stump our brains.

We have access to all the information you need! MANSI Media has spent thirty years building rate files and database systems. All of our information is updated on a regular basis so you can be confident in knowing that we’re working with the most recently released and accurate advertising rates for newspapers that are available.

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Whether you call the pages of ads and coupons that appear in your daily, Sunday and weekly newspapers flyers, circulars or inserts, one thing is for sure – they get results! Everyone is pinching pennies these days, so advertising in a place where consumers are looking for value only makes sense.

Newspaper insert advertising delivers customers. Recent research studies found that newspaper inserts drive consumers, across all age and income groups, to act. Eighty-two percent of consumers keep inserts for more than two days, and 76 percent prefer to receive them in newspapers rather than through the mail or on the Internet.

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Newspapers have always offered strong reach through their traditional run of paper (ROP) and insert advertising options, but they also offer many front-page solutions that advertisers may not realize are available. These alternative options provide a strong impact and will push a brand’s message through the clutter for a powerful impact.


A spadea or spadia (also “spadea fold”) is a separately printed, unbound broadsheet that is folded around a newspaper or other periodical, or around one of its sections, appearing as a partial page or flap over the front and back. (Wikipedia Nov 2018)

With a spadea, the advertiser is creating a physical barrier between the reader and the front page of the newspapers. This requires the reader to interact with the brand message and provides the creative team with a large space to promote the desired message.

Sticky Notes

A sticky note is a small ad affixed to a newspaper’s front page, above the fold. Also known as a “front page post-it”.

Sticky notes provide a colorful pop on the front page of a newspaper. Appearing above the fold, these units offer the advantage of targeting (often available by zip code or zone) and the ability to be removed and re-affixed to another surface (desk, fridge, etc.) to keep the message top of mind.

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How MANSI Can Help With Your Newspaper Marketing Strategy

We offer many services that make developing your newspaper marketing plan a snap. Give us a call before your next campaign to discuss some of the ways we can help you:

  • In-depth market research  With focused demographic and market research, MANSI Media makes ad placement a snap. We can tell you who lives where and who reads what. Whether you want to know information about a specific zip code or the broader trends that are sweeping the nation, we have you covered.
  • Targeted ad placements With our network of media partners, we can place your ad anywhere from national publications to alternative weeklies and university newspapers. Whatever audience you want to get excited about your brand, we’ll find them and bring them to you.
  • “Bullseye” reporting When your campaign has run its course, you’ll get a concise package from us with a single invoice for all your ads, proof of publication and all the tracking data you could ask for. Having quantifiable evidence of your campaign’s performance makes developing future newspaper marketing strategies easy.

At MANSI Media, our motto is simple: These three little words get to the heart of what we do for our clients. We’ll take the hassle out of newspaper marketing strategy development, and we’ll do it in a timely fashion.

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