Measure the Results of Print Ads

Marketers are often attracted to digital advertising channels because of the ability to measure and track the results of these campaigns.  When an advertiser runs a digital ad, they can see at the end of the campaign how many people viewed their ad, how many clicked on their ad, and sometimes, even how many conversions or sales came from the campaign.

Although the process is not as automated with print ads, there are still many ways an advertiser can track the results of their print ad campaign.

First, use custom landing pages in print ads to direct customers to a specific offer or special.  For instance, if your health insurance customer is trying to fill seats at a particular seminar, set up an individual landing page and direct readers to that site to register for the event.  Be creative with the name of the landing page link but keep it short and uncomplicated so that users get to the right place quickly and easily.  Don’t duplicate content with your regular website as your customized landing pages should display unique messaging.

Next, use coupon offers.   Whether these coupons are traditional print coupons to be clipped from the paper or exclusive coupon codes to be redeemed online, consumers are always looking for the best available deal.  Not only will the reader be happy to use your offer, but you will have an easy way to track and measure your campaign.

This next one may seem old-school but use unique 1-800 numbers.  Not only are they simple to set up and incorporate into your print ad, but they work very well and provide marketers with detailed feedback about the results of their campaign.    Also, readers can easily remember these numbers, and they are a great branding tool.  Use a smart CRM system to track the results from lead to closing the deal.

One other way to keep track of where your sales are coming from is to ask your customers.    When they call into your number or go online to fill out a contact form, be sure to ask how they found you and provide dropdown boxes depending on the different media types you’re currently using.

Finally, always keep an eye on your sales numbers.  It’s a tried and true method, and it is vital to pay close attention to track numbers both before and after a campaign runs to see if a spike in sales occurs.  If so, you know your ad is working, and if not, it’s time to make some adjustments to your campaign.