Build a Newsprint Bear

This holiday season, join us in building your very own newsprint polar bear.  This wonderful holiday decoration can be made from the materials around the office and will add joy to your workspace.


To start, collect the following items:

  • Newspaper
  • Black cardstock
  • Gray cardstock or color of your choice
  • White paper or cardstock
  • Blue cardstock
  • Googly eyes
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Hole punch
  • Pen
  • Black marker

Don’t have all the items?  Don’t worry.  We will be happy to ship you a gift pack at no cost with newspaper, cardstock, and your very own set of googly eyes.  Complete our request form and we will send your supplies.*


Step 1

Print and cut out pattern pieces.

Color code:

a.  WHITE: Cut these from newsprint
b.  GREY: Cut from grey or white cardstock
c.   BLACK: Cut from black cardstock







Step 2

Using the white pattern pieces, cut out the head, body, outside ears, and arms from newsprint.










Step 3

Using the white paper or cardstock, carefully rip off a piece approximately one-third of the page.

This will be the background snow.

Glue to the bottom of the blue cardstock.








Step 4

Attach the newsprint body piece to the bottom of the blue cardstock, on top of the white snow piece.










Step 5

Using the grey belly pattern, cut out the belly from the grey cardstock, or color of your choice.

Attach the cut-out belly piece on top of the newsprint body.










Step 6

Attach the newsprint headpiece to the top of the body.

Glue only the bottom half of the headpiece.










Step 7

Position and attach the newsprint earpieces underneath the head.











Step 8

Cut out the inside earpieces from black cardstock, or the color of your choice.

Position and glue on top of newsprint ear pieces, but underneath the head.

Carefully glue the top of the head to blue paper, on top of the ears.









Step 9

Cut out the mouthpiece from grey cardstock or the color of your choice.

Glue to the bottom half of the head.










Step 10

Cut out the nose piece from black cardstock.

Attach to the top half of the mouth.










Step 11

Position and glue newsprint arms to the body.











Step 12

Cut out paw pieces from grey cardstock, or the color of your choice.

Position and glue to the top of arms.










Step 13

Using googly eyes or black cardstock, position and glue on the eyes.











Step 14

Using the black marker, draw the mouth.











Step 15

Using the hole punch and the remaining piece of white paper/cardstock, punch holes.

Glue to blue cardstock around the polar bear for snowflakes.

Pass along your holiday cheer and send a photo of your bear in the office to









*Available while supplies last