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Four Ways to Improve Your Video Creative

People are spending a lot of time watching video online.

  • 100 million hours per day on Facebook
  • 11 million hours per day on Netflix
  • Over 25% of online users watch at least one video per day

With all of that video consumption comes opportunity to reach this audience with compelling video advertising messages.  Here are some tips that can help you create these messages to have the most impact on your intended audience.

Keep the length under 10 seconds

Keep reduced consumer attention spans in mind when deciding on the length of your video advertising.  Leave behind your 60, 30 or even 15 second videos and refocus on 10 second video advertising.

In a recent study from Wibbitz ( it was found that over half of users will not spend more than 10 seconds watching a video ad.  The time spent is also impacted by the associated content.  For example, in shorter form video content (0-2 minutes in length) like that used on many news media websites, 70% of consumers will spend less than 10 seconds watching an ad.  While on longer form video content (5-10 minutes in length) like that found on sites like, 51% will spend less than 10 seconds watching an ad.

Don’t be afraid to use humor

In 2015, Google dug into thousands of video ads that ran across YouTube, covering 16 countries and 11 separate verticals.  From that mound of data, they found that “people are more likely to watch humorous ads, and those ads also see greater lifts in ad recall and brand awareness”. (Think With Google)

Looking for a few examples of short form humor, visit Vine.Co and explore the humor channel.  Some of our recent favorites are.

If humor isn’t the right fit for your brand, consider “suspenseful” or “emotional” as an alternative.  Both of these flavors offer higher than average recall.

Go Silent

While sound can be a powerful tool, consider that only “about 85% of Facebook videos are watched with the sound” ( and that 75% of users preferred silent video ads over video ads with voiceover (

If you do decide to go silent, ask the following questions:  How does the lack of sound impact your ad?  Does it still deliver its message?  Is sound a required component?

To improve the response to your ads in a potentially soundless world, utilize the following components.

  • Captions-  Facebook has found that the inclusion of captions increases the view time of a video by 12%.
  • Storytelling-  Focus on telling a story through the use of visuals such as animation and graphics.

Target Your Audience

This seems like common sense in today’s digital world, but targeting video ads not only improves performance, but also enhances viewer favorability.

When consumers were asked which ads they found most tolerable, they placed targeted (by programmatic means or by the inherent targeting of local and niche websites) second only to muted ads (

Which Video Ads Are The Most Tolerable?

  • 45% muted ads
  • 39% targeted ads
  • 10% autoplay ads
  • 6% interactive ads

As you roll out your next video campaign, don’t forget about the power your local news media properties can bring to the table.  From pre-roll, to in-stream and native video options, local digital sites can help deliver your video creative to a community-focused and engaged audience.

Need help with your planning and placement for digital video?  Give MANSI Media a call and we can simplify the process.

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