The Downside of Social Advertising

While Social Media has become a force in the world of advertising, it has also raised many concerns for those spending their dollars through those channels.

In 2005 only 5% of the US population used social media, but in a little over a decade that usage has boomed to over 69%*.   The rise in usage has come with an associated lift in advertising, driving $1 out of every $10 spent on advertising to a social channel (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) **.  From major national brands to local retailers, advertisers have come in droves, but does that mean social media is the best place to spend your hard-earned marketing dollars?

As you are considering your next ad budget, keep in mind the following:

Advertising can be annoying, but users find it the most annoying in social channels

A chart showing social media as the most annoying place to encounter social media advertising

What channel do consumers consider having the most annoying ad experiences?  On the same sites that have started capturing more and more of the advertising spend; users visiting, and other social media properties are more likely to be annoyed then those users visiting other destinations***.

Where are people most annoyed by their ad experience?
  • Social Media  45%
  • Retail Sites  36%
  • News Media  34%

As a point of contrast, 82% of readers of local and community newspapers would rather look at advertising in a newspaper then on the internet****.

Social Media has a trust issue

On social media, everyone is a publisher and every voice can be heard.  If you are a shareholder of Facebook or SnapChat, this is a point to celebrate, but If you are an advertiser, it raises concerns about the content that will surround your message.

Hate speech, fake news, borderline pornography and other questionable content fills the social stream.  This content not only can degrade an advertisers brand, but also detracts from the trust consumers place in social media.

How much lower? Social media is trusted half as much as the daily or Sunday printed newspaper, with only 33% of people reporting in a recent Kantor survey that they trust social media****.  On the opposite end, daily and Sunday newspapers had over 67% of survey takers reporting trust in the product.

If you are worried about spending in social media or looking for alternatives to potentially damaging ads on less trusted platforms, MANSI Media can help.  We work with hundreds of clients around the country and provide seamless placement onto local newspapers and their associated websites anywhere in the United States.  With one call (717-703-3030) or email ( you can launch your campaign.

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