What is Real News?

At a recent conference in London, Communication in a Post-Truth Age, the topic of fake news was a key issue under discussion.

Here are some key takeaways from that conference:

  • The term fake news needs to be abolished.  Readers, pundits, advertisers and the industry cannot agree on what fake news is.  Without a common consensus, the term needs to fall from use.
  • It is important to understand what defines real news.  While in the same vein as defining fake news, working in the positive is much easier and leads to a simpler solution.

For advertisers and readers, the question of real news is important. 

Trust in Newspapers vs Social Media

Readers want to be able to trust the content they are consuming on a regular basis.  Fortunately, they have a quality source of trusted information within their local community, the newspaper.

Newspapers and their associated products deliver content that is more trusted than content pushed through social media (“Trust in News”, Kantor Report, 2017).

Advertisers rely on quality content to drive results and the premium content delivered by newspaper properties results in 3x the lift on non-premium properties (ComScore 2016).

What defines Real Journalism?

While real, authentic news sources are clearly beneficial, how can an advertiser be sure that they are using these premium sources?   Below are four tips to ensure that the digital properties you are running with are delivering quality news:

  1. Does the media serve as a platform to promote the interests and / or opinions of a special interest group, individual or cause?  If so, then they are most likely not real news.
  2. Is the media updated on a regular basis?  If you are not seeing regular updates (preferably at least twice a week) then they are most likely not real news.
  3. Does the media adhere to the standards of print journalism?  The content should follow the standard rules of grammar and ensure correct spelling, if not, then they are most likely not real news.
  4. Does the property produce mostly original content?  If the core of the media’s content is not original, then they are most likely not real news.

Do you need help determining if the property your advertising is running on is real news?  Call MANSI Media (717-703-3030) and we can help uncover the truth and connect you with real news sources to boost the effectiveness of your advertising.

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