4A's Accelerate

Each year, members of the advertising industry gather at the 4A’s (American Association of Advertising Agencies) to discuss the issues facing the world of marketing and advertising.

At this year’s conference, rebranded as Accelerate in 2018, we saw the focus on three heavily discussed topics.

Brand Safety

4as compositeWith the release of the 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer, the industry saw a continued drop in trust from the public in every sector, from Government to Advertising. 

From the consumer side, our viewers are expecting the advertising industry to respond with valuable content, transparent use of data and being a trustworthy partner.

From the advertiser side, an understanding of the push and pull surrounding price and privacy needs to be developed.  Each advertiser needs to consider three points when beginning a plan:

  • Is performance the primary goal of your campaign?If so, can you accept the lower bar of brand safety afforded to those running through Real Time Bidding (RTB) and social platforms.
  • Is brand safety the primary goal of your campaign?If so, consider running with traditional, trusted media (newspapers, broadcast television, outdoor) and safer digital options (local news, custom white lists, etc.).
  • If you are willing to accept some risk for lower rate, how much risk are you willing to accept?

OTT / Connected TV

The video running through set top boxes as video on demand (VOD), on mobile devices, gaming platforms, connected devices and smart tv’s is powering the consumer’s move away from linear television viewing.  Now accounting for more than 30% of total video consumption, these video options are an important part of the buying ecosystem.

What should you keep in mind in the world of OTT and Connected TV:

  • Targeting will be more difficult as the new video environment is often cookieless and lacks trackable device IDS (only 44% of the devices register a device ID).
  • Younger audiences are watching less linear TV, with those ages 12-34 seeing their linear TV viewership dropping by 40%.
  • More consistent audience targeting and viewing data is on the horizon through Open AP.

Generation Z

The conversations around the millennial generation are finally starting to slow as a new generation takes center stage.  Generation Z has started to show clear differences from past generations:

  • Demand brands stand for something
  • Have a higher focus on winning and are less collaborative then millennials
  • Have a concern about privacy and understand the value exchange they engage in through digital media
  • Have a shorter attention span then millennials, granting marketers 8 seconds to capture their attention

These and many other topics were discussed at 4A’s Accelerate.  Looking for more marketing and advertising insights?  Reach out to the MANSI Media team by email (sales@MANSIMedia.com) or by phone (717-703-3030).

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