Consumers demand local news

A recent study from the Pew Research Center highlights the importance of local and national news to consumers.

chart from Editor & Publisher about the demand for local news

The Pew study, released in Jan. 2018, shows a clear global preference for national and local news.

Percent of consumers who want national news:

  • United States 93%
  • Latin America 78%
  • Asia-Pacifica 86%
  • Africa 87%
  • Europe 87%
  • Middle East 88%

With a median average of 86%, national news has a demand across the world.

Percent of Consumers who want local news:

  • United States 82%
  • Latin America 78%
  • Asia-Pacifica 80%
  • Africa 82%
  • Europe 78%
  • Middle East 78%

While the media average is slightly lower (78%) then the demand for national news, a demand for local news still encompasses over two-thirds of the global adult population.

Savvy advertisers who wish to tap into this call for community-focused reporting, can reach the audience through newspapers and their digital properties across the United States.

What are the best ways to reach out through news media publications?

3 Easy Ways to Advertise in Newspapers

Run of Paper (ROP)

The most common form of newspaper advertising, ROP is newspaper advertising that is positioned to run on the printed pages of a publication, with no exact choice of a specific position or page. Placement is at the discretion of the newspaper.  However, advertisers can request to have their print ad run in a certain section of the publication.

Inserts (Pre-Prints)

Advertising inserts that are printed in advance of the regular press run and then combined with the final publication just prior to distribution.  These inserts can take the form of single sheet inserts or multiple page glossy publications.

Digital Display (Banner Ads)

Also known as “display ads”, banner advertisements are a form of graphical ads embedded into a newspaper web page or mobile property, typically including a combination of static/animated images, text and/or video designed to convey a marketing message and/or cause the user to take an action. Banner dimensions are typically defined by width and height, represented in pixels.

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The graph in this article is from Editor & Publisher.  You can see more interesting statistics here.

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