Fake News: The Game

Fake news is a persistent problem in today’s media world.

While it creates confusion for consumers and uncertainty for advertisers, there is limited recourse for many. 

One solution, developed by the Danish firm, DROG, and Cambridge University is to offer readers an inside view at the creation of fake news through a web-based game, with the goal of inoculating them against the problem.

Screenshot from Bad News Game

“The Bad News Game confers resistance against disinformation by putting players in the position of the people who create it, and as such gain insight into the various tactics and methods used by ‘real’ fake news-mongers to spread their message.  This, in turns, builds up resistance.” The Bad News Game

While companies like Google and Facebook are tweaking algorithms and governments are considering legislation, readers can turn to education to help avoid fake news.

Play the Game:  Bad News Game

As an advertiser, you can follow some simple guidelines to avoid advertising alongside fake news:

  • Work with trusted partners who can provide transparent reporting.
  • Spot check the domains you are using for unreliable, deceptive or outright fake information.
  • Be wary of ultra-low-priced inventory (we often get what we pay for).
  • Utilize trusted local news sites for your digital advertising and reach a real audience while your content is surrounded by authentic information.

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Get more tips on spotting fake news from the News Media Alliance.

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