Two Agencies Bet and Newspapers Win

The recent Super Bowl was a cause for a lot of rivalry between the city of Boston and Philadelphia and not just between the rival teams’ fans.

Two advertising agencies, Aloysius Butler & Clark (supporting the Eagles) and Small Army (supporting the Patriots), made a wager about who would win the big game.  The prize?  An ad in the winning team’s hometown paper, either the Boston Globe or the Philadelphia Inquirer, paid for by the losing agency.

Outside of bragging rights, what could that big “W” mean for the victorious agency?

In Philadelphia…

  • The Inquirer reaches over 360,00 people on an average Sunday*
  • Reach an audience with a buying power of over $70 billion
  • Combine the Inquirer with and you have the largest media entity in the area

In Boston…

  • The Globe reaches over 320,000 people on an average Sunday*
  • Engage with high-value readers, a Globe Reader has an income 12% above the DMA average
  • Surround their message with Pulitzer Prize winning (26 to be exact) content

In both cities, the newspaper provides great outreach to the community and surrounds an advertisers message with authentic, local content.

With the Philadelphia Eagles win, Aloysius Butler & Clark took home the victory and Small Army placed the following ad in the Inquirer.

Congratulations to both agencies for choosing one of the best advertising mediums to settle their bet.  In our eyes, you are both winners.

Read more about this story in The Philadelphia Business Journal.

*Alliance for Audited Media

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