YouTube’s Trust Issue

YouTube is a massive force in the media world.  With countless users, running in 88 countries across the world, their service delivers over a billion hours of media daily.  But unlike traditional media, the primary curation comes from algorithms and those algorithms can struggle with the filtering of harmful content.

“There can be another, more troubling, side of YouTube’s openness.”  Said Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube, in a recent blogpost (link).  “I’ve seen some bad actors are exploiting our openness to mislead, manipulate, harass or even harm.”

YouTube Trust Issues

In 2017 the darker side of YouTube came under the microscope within the advertising world.  Videos featuring child abuse, extremist content or children’s characters in provocative poses started to raise concerns by both video consumers and advertisers.  Major advertisers (L’Oreal, McDonald’s, Audi and HSBC) responded by pulling their advertising from the platform, and other advertisers are considering the move.

While YouTube has responded by adding more staff and refining their algorithms, the problem will remain persistent.  This problem is not present in traditional media outlets.  Newspapers and broadcast news stations have teams of trained reporters who collect, create and vet content before it is released.

If advertisers are concerned about the content surrounding their ads, traditional media and their online outlets can fill the need for trusted content.  With well-researched and curated content, your local news media company can provide an authentic outlet for your brand to reach real readers.

Consider that the newspaper audience still trusts the content presented to them, either editorially or advertising.  Almost 80% of newspaper readers trust an ad in a newspaper (News Media Alliance).   This trust leads to action, with over 50% of readers likely to make a purchase after seeing an ad.

Are you looking for a trusted outlet to run your video advertising?  Contact MANSI ( to learn more about the digital advertising opportunities offered through local news media platforms.


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