The power of small market newspapers

     When we talk about the state of the newspaper industry, we too often hear only about the challenges facing major metro and national newspapers.  Obviously, the newspaper industry is not without its trials; however, a recent study sheds light on smaller-market papers who are doing very well compared with their larger counterparts.  According to the new report “Local News in a Digital World: Small-Market Newspapers in the Digital Age” by journalism professors Damian Radcliffe and Christopher Ali (link to study below), small-market newspapers, those with circulation of 50,000 or less, are in a stronger overall position than their metro market cousins.

     There are currently 7,071 newspapers (daily or weekly) in the United States according to Editor & Publisher. Of those, 6,851 have circulations under 50,000.  Advertisers would be wise to note that these small-market newspapers are vital to their communities.  The strength of these publications is in part due to the exclusive content they provide about the communities they cover and their physical closeness to their audience. 

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