Thriving Newspaper Audience

 We have four bold statements considering the newspaper audience:
  •   Newspapers reach a massive audience.
  •   Newspaper readers like to spend money.
  •   Newspaper content is highly trusted, both offline and online.
  •   Newspaper audience is younger then you might expect.

Looking to recent updates from the NewsMedia Alliance, these statements are backed up with research from Reuters Institute, Scarborough USA and other trusted data sources.

Thriving Newspaper Audience

On a weekly basis, 65% of Americans read a newspaper in print or visit a newspaper’s digital property on desktop or mobile.  That is a huge number of people reading news and being exposed to advertising messages every day.

Massive reach is nothing without the capability to drive action, and newspaper products deliver on that front as well.  After seeing an ad in a local newspaper product, 66% of readers say they are likely to make a purchase.  Those motivated buyers reading newspapers also have the disposable income to spend.  Among adults with a household income over $100,000, 71% read newspaper content.

How do newspapers drive such high conversions?  The industry remains one of the most trusted sources of news and information.  This trust has a spillover effect on the advertising contained alongside the content.  When polled, 75% of readers say they trust ads in national newspaper products and 79% trust the ads they see in local newspaper products.

Newspaper could not reach such a massive audience without having a younger demographic play an important role.  Through their news, sports and entertainment content, newspapers reach the 18-29-year-old audience (accounting for 17% of their total distribution).

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