Distracted Viewing Habits

Television viewers are facing a constantly increasing list of distractions.  From tablets, to phones to watches, the living room is becoming a very busy location for passive viewership.

eMarketer Distracted Viewing Graph

In a recent study from eMarketer, U.S. Simultaneous Media Users: eMarketer’s Estimates for 2017, it was revealed that an estimated 177 million U.S. users will be pulled away from the television content they are “watching” by a second screen experience.  While some of these users are delving into a deeper show experience by connecting with a related online community, the majority (65%) are consuming unrelated material.  The number of distracted viewers is expected to grow to 193.5 million by 2019.

This growing list of distractions will continue to be a problem in the passive viewer space (television, radio, outdoor, etc.), but has caused less disruption for newspaper advertising.  The newspaper advertising space remains a valuable part of any advertiser’s media mix.

  • Eight in 10 (79%) of newspaper readers took action as a result of reading a newspaper ad in the past 30 days
  • Nine out of 10 newspaper readers (91%) report that they take action after reading or looking at inserts.
  • Adults 18+ identify newspapers as their most trusted source of news and information.

If you are seeing a decreased return on your television advertising dollars, then make the move to newspaper print and local properties to boost your ROI and promote local sales.

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