DTC Forum: The Value of Print Advertising

In late October, the DTC Forum on Television & Print was held in New York City.  At the forum, the power of print was discussed and the News Media Alliance was on hand to offer some insights into that discussion.  You can read the entire article here.

If you are looking for a quick recap on what was said at the pharmaceutical industry’s trade show, see below.

  • A newspaper’s reach doesn’t stop with circulation.With all print media, circulation leads to pass along readers and an extended readership.When an advertiser purchases an ad, they can reach the reader, along with that reader’s friends, family and other interested parties as they share articles, ads and other features that readers fine value in.
  • Newspapers drive more engagement with print readers.Since it is a slower medium (both from a consumption and production standpoint), newspapers also allow readers to take their time to digest content.If an advertiser has a more complex message (explaining product advantages, relating in-depth issues, etc.), then print provides a strong platform.
  • Users don’t block print advertising.While digital has begun to suffer from ad blocking technology and television has long had users leaving the room during the commercial break, users come to newspapers to consume both the editorial and advertising content.Advertisers running in the print medium have a great opportunity to be seen and to have their message reach a valuable audience.

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