Growth of Family Owned Newspaper Chains

In 2017 the newspaper industry saw a surge of activity as companies vie to be first to purchase community-based news properties.

In recent history, we have seen new purchases from national companies like Gannett, Tronc and Gatehouse.  These companies have been expanding their portfolios to include additional properties in new markets.  But the behemoths of the industry have not been the only ones expanding into new footprints. 

With recent purchases, Adams Publishing Group, has expanded to include over 100 small dallies, weeklies and shoppers across the country.  Their footprint now coversMap of states where Adams Publishing owns properties Idaho, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio,Tennessee, Virginia, Washington D.C., Wisconsin and Wyoming.

What does this expansion mean for advertisers and advertising agencies who wish to advertise through local news media properties?

  • An increase in capabilities for many of the purchased publications
  • A stabilization in the media industry as more and more properties are brought together under a uniform banner

Lastly, these purchases go a long way to assure the value of the local printed and online product.  With each purchase, companies are stating their faith in the industry as both a useful advertising vehicle and as a long-standing business with potential for the future.

With each new purchase, contacts and policies can change at these publications.  These changes can be difficult to keep up with, but MANSI Media can help.  With one phone call (717-703-3030) or email ( we can connect your media strategy with these highly sought after local media properties. 

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