Innovation in print advertising

Here at MANSI Media, we love that the printed newspaper reaches a huge number of valuable consumers each week, and we’re always keeping our eye out for innovative new ways for our advertisers to use the printed page.

As you can imagine, the MANSI team was excited to see this original print ad from L.L. Bean running in the New York Times.  Deploying with photochromic ink the ad was only visible in its entirety when it was taken into the sun.  Watch the video from L.L. Bean below to see the ad in action

An innovative print ad for L.L. Bean

While photochromic ink is very interesting, it is not the only innovative approach an advertiser can use with their print ads.  Below are 3 print ad types that you may not have considered:

  • Front-Page Strip Post-Its  These ads pop on the front of any paper and provide an eye-catching way to attract at home readers or potential single-copy buyers as the post-it remains visible in the box.
  • Back-Page Metro Ads  An eye-catching space to reach mass transportation riders in larger urban markets.
  • Section Front Strip Ads  Always in high-demand, these ads provide advertisers with strong placement and more papers are offering them than ever before.

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