Are people willing to pay for news content online?

An August 2017 report from Kantar Media for the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism demonstrates that readers are willing to pay for online news content that is of high quality and is delivered through a clean, convenient reading experience.  If readers appreciate high quality content enough to pay good money for it, then it seems clear that they would also be willing to spend time, their other valuable commodity, with it. 

A newspaper, a mobile device with news and a table featuring a newspaper website

Advertisers would be wise to place their own messaging around this valuable content where people are willing to spend their two most cherished resources – money and time.   Being surrounded by trusted content can also lend advertisers their own sense of trustworthiness to consumers.  Readers are hungry for valuable news content now more than ever before.  Advertisers can capitalize on this by aligning themselves with valuable news media brands and content.

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