Adding Newspapers Increases Ad Campaign Effectiveness

Delivering the best possible return on investment (ROI) for advertising money is paramount, however it is often difficult to measure. A recent ROI study conducted by Benchmarketing for Newsworks proved that advertisers who are not using newspapers as a part of their media mix, are not maximizing their return on investment.

The study examined 500 econometric models to confirm the impact news media brands have on advertising campaigns, and associated ROI. The findings indicate that advertising with newspapers increases overall return on investment by three times. Adding newspapers to a campaign improved overall campaign effectiveness, by advertising category, from 20 percent for consumer package goods, 71 percent for automotive, 2.8 times for retail, 3 times for travel, and 5.7 times for finance.

When newspapers are added to the overall media mix, the campaign ROI is dramatically improved - ranging from two times greater when partnered with broadcast television campaigns, to four times more with online display campaigns, and as much as ten times larger when coupled with a radio campaign.

Adding digital news to the media mix boosts newspaper ROI by up to five times.

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