Diversify Your Political Ad Campaign

2016 political races are just gearing up and Americans are already growing weary of the endless television ads and coverage. Many people are skipping through commercials and changing the channel to avoid the relentless images and messaging.  There has to be a better way for candidates to get their message across to potential voters, right?

Projections say that political ad spending will reach a record high this year at over $11 billion (Borrell 2015).  Broadcast is expected to receive the lion’s share of these dollars, but smart politicians would be wise to allocate their budgets to a variety of media options.   

A campaign manager’s main goal is to persuade voters to vote for their candidate.  There is one medium that delivers the most voters – newspapers.  Simply put, readers vote and voters read.  No other medium comes close. 

  • 74% of Democrats who vote read a newspaper in print or online*.
  • 70% of Republicans who vote read a newspaper in print or online*.
  • 72% of Independents who vote read a newspaper in print or online*.

Nearly three-quarters (73%) of perpetual voters who read print or digital newspaper media each week think it is important to keep up-to-date with news and current affairs**.  Seniors, who are the most reliable voting group, are avid newspaper readers. 

In addition, voters find newspaper ads more reliable and accurate than ads in other mediums and also find newspaper websites more reliable and accurate than other websites***.

Newspapers are a source of trusted content read by the majority of voters across the country.  Candidates and advocacy groups would be smart to include newspapers and their websites as an integral part of their media campaigns in 2016.

 Source: *2015 Release 2 Nielsen Scarborough Research Copyright 2016 Scarborough Research.  All rights reserved, **Gfk MRI/Nielsen Scarborough 2015  ***Moore Information, American Voter Media Use Study 2012



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