Inserts still deliver for retailers

78% adults take action due to inserts.Inserts still deliver for retailers in a big way.  In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Suzanne Kapner illustrates how inserts in newspapers draw more shoppers than digital ads.  In fact, Borrell Associates estimates that advertisers spent about $53.84 billion for newspaper insert advertising in 2014.  Simply put, retailers have not found an alternative advertising source to circulars that drives as many shoppers to their stores.

Inserts move consumers to action.  According to NAA’s “How America Shops and Spends 2014” survey, nearly eight in 10 (78%) adults have taken some action in the past 30 days from an ad in a circular appearing in a newspaper.  For eprxample, 56% clipped a coupon from an insert, 53% saved the insert until they visited the store, 52% used an insert to compare prices, and 48% used the circular to plan shopping at a store or online.  Newspaper inserts compel consumers to act in all age and income groups.  Seventy percent of consumers say they usually check the inserts to see what’s on sale, and 62% say checking newspaper circulars saves them time and money, according to the 2014 NAA study

Because of these impressive results, retailers approach change to their insert programs with caution.  Marketers have watched closely as some retailers, such as Wal-Mart and JC Penney, reinstated their insert advertising programs after traffic dropped in stores where they attempted to shift to less expensive forms of digital advertising.  Remind your clients that digital search and coupons are not as effective as newspaper inserts in reaching consumers and driving them to action.

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