Five Advertising Trends for 2015

Advertising trends include content-driven and highly targeted ads.In the world of print and digital advertising, there are many options.  Many marketers have been looking for unique ways to stand out from the crowd to reach their specific audience.  Here are five advertising trends we expect to see more of in 2015:

  1.  Content-driven ads: We’ve all heard about the rise in native digital campaigns, but expect to see more of this in print as well.  Integrated partnerships between marketers and publishers will lead to more sponsored features and columns.
  2. Highly targeted ads: Personalization is the key to marketing success. Print has the ability to go beyond zip code targeting by using special sections, niche audience publications, and ad placements adjacent to specific editorial content. More agencies will create unique ads for specific target audiences.
  3. Experiences supplement content: Tying together a message with an experience is a surefire way to get the attention of your audience. An example of this could be a sponsored event tied to printed special section for a festival or concert. This type of experience marketing allows an advertiser to really connect with a community.
  4. Intelligent use of data: News media companies are beginning to realize the power of the data they have about those who consume their content. The use of data for outcome-based marketing is on the rise and will continue to skyrocket throughout 2015.
  5. Increased interest in app advertising: The average U.S. smartphone user now spends 88% of his/her mobile phone time within an app. Marketers will see this trend and want to reach consumers where they’re spending so much time. Advertising in apps also allows for deep targeting – geo, demo, contextual and behavioral.

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