4 Reasons to Include Mobile in Your Next Campaign

Oct 20, 2014

Over the last three years we have been waiting for mobile to take its place on the starting block as a key component of every digital campaign.  Now, in 2014, the stars are aligning to show that mobile is ready and the great interactive Magic 8 Ball is saying, “You may rely on it” or “Outlook good” (whichever one you prefer).  Let’s take a look at some decidedly mobile-friendly statistics.

tvOver 65% of television households in the US now have a smart phone. (Nielsen, “Digital Consumer Report,” Feb 2014)

This places smart phone ownership above smart TV’s (16%), guns (37%), game consoles (42%) and even the family dog (63%).  The tipping point for the device that is synonymous with mobile web and app usage has been reached and it will continue to grow throughout the year (surpassing 70% by the end of 2014).  With its ubiquity across the United States, a campaign is not complete without a method to reach the mobile audience.

smartphoneMobile web usage has risen over 10% from this time last year.  (“Internet Trends,” Code Conference 2014)

In 2013, we saw mobile usage make up 14% of total web traffic.  In 2014, we saw mobile usage spike to 25% of overall Internet usage.  With a strong share of the market, campaigns require a mobile presence to reach adequate market penetration.

shoppingFour out of five smart phone or tablet owners use their device to make a shopping decision. (Nielsen, “Digital Consumer Report,” Feb 2014)

There are more mobile consumers, they are driving more traffic, and those mobile consumers are relying on those devices to help them make their purchases. 

Nine out of ten mobile searches lead to an action, with 50% of those actions ending in a sale. (SearchEngineLand)

Campaigns with a mobile component tend to deliver a higher response rate, from clicks to conversions.

In 2014, more news media consumers access their news on a mobile device than on a desktop /laptop. 
(NAA, “Newspaper Digital Audience Hits a New Peak,”  Sept 2014)

At MANSI Media, we firmly believe in building digital campaigns on a local foundation.  With the majority of the local audience accessing news through mobile (38%), you will need to reach out through the mobile web and apps to build that foundation.

We expect these trends to continue, with mobile still on the rise and consumers continuing to rely on their trusted mobile devices.   As you are planning your next campaign, let MANSI Media know and we can help enhance your plan with a strong mobile component.

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