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Jun 26, 2014

Identifying and analyzing media options for your advertising clients can be a difficult task. A target audience based on age, gender or income criteria may be the only direction you have. Suppose you had access to information that would give you insight into your customers’ habits and lifestyles - allowing you to craft a more creative, outside-the-box, media strategy? Imagine the possibilities.

In a recent conversation with one of our ad agency clients, a planner mentioned how valuable it would be if she knew more about the preferences of consumers who are most likely to purchase a medical device, on a market by market basis.

Through the information available to us from Scarborough Research’s opportunity reports, we quickly determined that medical device customers in the Atlanta DMA were gardening and lawn care enthusiasts, whereas similar consumers in the San Diego DMA indexed higher for skiing and snowboarding.  The planner used this information to identify niche publications targeting these areas of interest, and presented these unique, and well-received, recommendations to her client.

There is an extensive list of business categories that can be queried in these reports ranging from automotive and banking to shopping habits and travel behaviors. Here are some samples of the types of interesting statistics available:

  • ¾ of adults who have used a dentist in the New York DMA shop at home accessories stores.
  • In the Chicago DMA, adults who plan to buy a new car this year are 336% more likely than the average person in the market to eat at Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon.
  • 100% of adults, in the Pittsburgh DMA, who have spent $500 or more in the past year on women’s clothing, own a computer.
Data from the opportunity reports also allows you to identify cross-promotional opportunities for your clients.  For example, in the Philadelphia DMA, Adults 18+ who are planning to purchase furniture this year attend Phillies games and visit the Philadelphia Zoo.  A furniture retailer may elect to sponsor a giveaway at a baseball game or an exhibit at the Zoo, or perhaps attach their logo, along with a discount offer, to the back of the admission ticket.

Similarly, 99% of adult households in the Los Angeles DMA, who spent $500 or more on fine jewelry in the past year, visited a sit down restaurant in the past month. To reach this audience in a unique way, a fine jewelry store can sponsor the local news media organization’s Food & Spirits Festival, which is sure to attract their target audience.  Sponsorships generally include display space to exhibit merchandise, and the events are promoted through print and digital ads. With ninety-seven percent of fine jewelry customers having Internet access, and 7 in 10 being newspaper readers, there is strong synergy between the target consumer, the marketing event and the promotional strategies.

What would you like to learn about your clients’ customers? The tools to help you build an innovative media plan are just a phone call away.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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