Navigating Newspaper Audit Numbers

Mar 10, 2014

When planning a preprint buy, navigating newspaper audit numbers can be a daunting task. Reaching your optimal target audience is the objective, but there is a fine line between missing potential customers and eliminating unnecessary copies. At MANSI Media, we work with our proprietary zip analysis tool and audit numbers every day. Here are a few tips we’ve learned along the way that may help as you optimize your preprint distribution quantities:

  • Whether you are using the audit report or publisher’s statement, current circulation draws can vary. The March reports are numbers from the previous six months. These audit reports can be used for planning, but use caution if you are using them for final buys as current numbers will vary.
  • When you are evaluating circulation quantities for preprints, remember single copy sales fluctuate and can cause confusion when comparing the audit to actual quantities needed. The audit reflects the net single copy quantity after the returns are counted during the audit period. In most cases, publications account for the single copy sales with higher circulation quantities. To ensure effective distribution, all single copies need an insert, so your actual single copy number of inserts needed may be higher than the audit shows.
  • Within the audit report, remember to use PRINT ONLY numbers for inserts, eliminating digital replica and digital non replica.
  • Some publications have branded editions included in the audit numbers, so remember to evaluate the coverage and duplication of those editions.

There is not one source that can paint a complete picture of a market analysis on its own. By combining information from audits, zip analysis tools, real-time circulation numbers from publications and the knowledge that years of industry  experience brings, our analysis team at MANSI Media can drill down to help create the best possible preprint  buy for each individual client.   

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